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So the day has come… tomorrow myself and my 5 wonderful colleagues in Action Learning Set 3 will be delivering the whole session on ‘Digital literacies’. The session has been planned (well in advance, it has to be said!)  and it feels like it might go well. It’s been a pleasure working with a bunch of people with such a ‘can do’ and proactive attitude, rather than looking at the obstacles! We have what appears to be one of the top writers/speakers about the field of DL at the moment doing a half hour online Q&A with us, which is really exciting. Watch this brill short film explaining what DL is all about:

The whole aspect of DL has hge implications for teaching and learning, and for engagement/inclusion and quality assurance within higher education. When considering the UK PSF in relation to DL, they can be applied to all the standards, but particularly A4 in Areas of Activity; K2, K3 and K4 in Core Knowledge; and V2 and V4 in Professional Values.


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Last Thursday I participated in my first webinar. There were about 8 or 9 of us taking part. I found the experience really interesting, though struggled with trying to keep up with the 3 or 4 different aspects that were going on concurrently – listening to people speak; engaging in the exercises on the screen; and reading and joining in the typed interaction. I guess that it becomes easier the more you do it. Chrissi led the webinar effectively and efficiently, making everyone feel it ease. I believe that having someone in this role who is confident and competent is essential for everyone to get the most out of it. This is something I could see as being really beneficial with students, although most effective for a remote group of students, particularly those who are distance learning. I think that currently there would be limited mileage in using this technology for our current Joint Programme students, although this might change in the future as the delivery of programmes change. (K4)

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Just playing around to try and get my video into my portfolio – not sure how succesful its been – all this techy stuff takes me so long to do as I am such a novice. Also intrigued to see what happens here when I submit a post as not done it before in this way. Gosh, my Saturday nights are rock n’ roll!

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